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4 ways to become financially fit

Whether you are managing family life or planning towards a self-funded retirement, there is a myriad of financial decisions to make.

Without a clear and structured plan and a strong understanding of the rules, regulations and economic environment in which we live; juggling multiple and at times competing financial goals, can be very overwhelming.

Furthermore, with the 2016 Federal Budget bringing a significant reduction in the amount which can be contributed to superannuation, it has never been more important to start planning for a self-funded retirement now.

We can help you breakthrough the minefield of financial jargon and focus on securing your financial future. We can help you put in place clear and structured plans that are adaptable to changing circumstances.

Some of the ways we are helping our existing clients be financially fit:

  1. Home purchase/upgrade: We helped by assessing how much debt was safe; how to avoid unnecessary costs (saving some over $100,000); how to pay off their mortgage sooner (reducing some loan terms by 10-15yrs and saving hundreds of thousands in interest) and; how to protect their ability to continue to meet mortgage repayments in the event of death, disability or serious injury.
  2. Growing Family: We helped by assessing and planning for additional costs (eg; car/home upgrade, childcare, education); the impact of a reduction in income; the potential for paternal and maternal leave entitlements and; how to protect their family’s lifestyle in the event of death, disability or serious injury.
  3. Receiving an inheritance: We helped by ensuring the deceased’s life savings were received tax effectively; were well protected (from possible marriage breakdowns or creditors) and; ensure investments were chosen to match their core values, requirement for growth and comfort with risk.
  4. Planning for retirement: We helped our clients take an interest in their super early; decide whether to pay more off the home loan or contribute more into super; decide as to the appropriateness of their super fund and;  were chosen to match their core values, requirement for growth and comfort with risk.


If you want the peace of mind that you are financially fit, meet with us for a complimentary review.


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