Self-funded retirees

We put proactive strategies, structures and investments in place to optimise the resources you have now so you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing your money is in safe hands, maximising your chance of maintaining your lifestyle, remaining in total control of your investments, and enjoying the retirement you deserve.

Has managing your retirement become a full-time job?

Although self managed super funds can be an excellent structure to provide for your retirement, they can also be quite complex.

At ITL Financial Planning we help you enjoy the freedom of your own SMSF while saving you time, removing the stress of managing it and delivering consistent returns. Or perhaps there’s a better way to manage your super? We can help you understand the alternatives and find the best solution for you.

Looking for a transparent fee structure?

When you’ve worked hard all your life and been smart with your money, we understand you want value and transparency.

Many self-funded retirees choose ITL Financial Planning to help prepare for and enjoy their retirement because we:

  • have a completely transparent fee structure
  • deliver excellent value
  • provide you with direct access to your fund manager
  • offer transparent and flexible investment strategies
  • quantify results in our client review meetings
  • are on the end of the phone when you need us

At ITL Financial Planning we give you control over your finances and the financial freedom to live your best life.

What does your retirement look like?

Everybody’s idea of the perfect retirement is different, which is why we always start with a conversation.

We ask you the questions that provide clarity around your current situation and future objectives.

  • Is your planned retirement affordable and sustainable?
  • Can we reduce the amount of tax you pay or increase your refunds?
  • Is there a plan in place to fund any big ticket items or trips?
  • Are there contingencies for unexpected events, such as health problems?
  • Is your estate planning in order, ensuring your family is protected and looked after?
  • Is your money working for you and generating enough income to live on?

We then tailor a bespoke financial plan for you, a plan that optimises your existing and future resources, based on your ‘sleep at night factor’ and what you want to achieve.

So regardless of whether you want to spend more time with your family, cruise around the world, potter in your garden or have a complete sea change, we take the time to sit and talk with you, to listen and fully understand the type of future you envisage and what is important to you.

Warwick’s story

Watch our video below to learn about Warwick’s journey with us.

We’re proactive, not reactive

At ITL Financial Planning we understand your circumstances are unique and they will also change over time. So as your circumstances and government rules change, we continue to ensure your financial plan still works for you, delivering the best possible outcome for your age and stage of life.

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