Investment advice

We offer tailored financial and investment strategies (including tailored share portfolios where appropriate) to meet your needs. Our clients prefer direct investments because:

  • There is absolute transparency in where their money is invested (most often in companies they know and use themselves)
  • There is control; we don’t make any trades without prior permission from clients and we take each client’s situation (including capital gains) into account for each recommendation
  • There are lower costs (compared to managed funds)
  • For Australian shares, you have the added benefit of franking credits

Significant investment experience

We are listed securities specialists with over 17 years investment experience and currently manage over $180M in client assets.

We’ve managed client portfolios through the global financial crisis and brought them out better on the other side.

We spend a significant amount of time keeping on top of market research from a wide variety of sources and monitoring market movements to provide timely, proactive portfolio advice. We have our own Investment Committee which includes two external consultants that we pay for so our clients can benefit from their insights.

We take the time and stress out of managing your own portfolio.

Find out more about our investment philosophy or our tried and tested approach to portfolio construction and contact us if you want to chat more about our approach.

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