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Claiming on insurance

No-one wants to be good at claiming on insurance. That means something bad has happened.

In our experience some insurers (particularly group risk policies held in employer/industry super funds) take advantage of this lack of experience when individuals try to make a claim themselves.

Claims have been deferred or denied for several years resulting in significant financial hardship and stress.

We have a 100% success record of making claims on behalf of our clients for life, TPD, trauma and income protection insurance policies and see significantly reduced claim processing times for policies we have recommended.

What are the chances of it happening to me?

Like so many of our clients who have experienced serious accidents, chronic illnesses or the sudden loss of a loved one… it came quickly and out of the blue. They didn’t think it would happen to them Although it may not happen to you… it could happen to you.

Peace of mind

The quality of your insurance policies is vitally important.

We only recommend policies with reputable insurers who have excellent claims processes

If you need to claim on your policy you’ll be relieved to know that across the industry, only 4% of claims on policies recommended by an adviser are declined, in comparison to 50% of claims made on policies sold by telemarketers or the internet.

A fighter on your side

At ITL financial Planning we understand insurance and we understand the insurance claims process.

Not only do we provide wealth protection advice and proactively ensure that your risk insurance plan is put into place, we also ensure that any claim is paid out as quickly and as easily as possible.

  • We will notify the insurer of your intent to claim immediately
  • We will come to your home and assist you with completing any necessary paperwork
  • We will research every possible avenue to locate any life insurances you may not have known you had
  • We will do the leg work and hold your hand through the entire process
  • We will do what it takes to make the entire process as seamless and painless for you as possible

Whether you need help with an existing insurance claim or you need the peace of mind your loved ones are taken care of, contact us now.

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