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Transition to retirement

Are you ready to retire but wondering if you can afford to live without your regular paycheck? Or are you already retired, but finding your investments aren’t generating enough income to live? Or maybe managing your own SMSF is too much work?

Ready to retire

At ITL Financial Planning we can help you prepare for and enjoy your retirement by putting proactive strategies, structures and investments in place now. Proactive strategies, structures and investments that enable you to:

  • maximise your chance of maintaining your lifestyle in retirement;
  • optimise the resources you have now; and
  • sleep peacefully at night, knowing your money is in safe hands.

‘Sleep at night’ factor

Planning for retirement can be incredibly challenging for many retirees. In recent years, retirees have suffered from returns on conservative investments like cash and term deposits halving. At ITL Financial Planning we understand that every client has a different level of risk they feel comfortable with, and different objectives which require a certain level of return.

Which is why we tailor your retirement plan and investments based on your ‘sleep at night’ factor.

We want to maximise your return at an acceptable, and understood, level of risk.

Because being able to sleep at night is crucial to your long-term peace of mind.

What does your retirement look like?

Everybody’s idea of the perfect retirement is different, which is why it’s so important to have a financial plan that is tailored to your specific goals.

Regardless of whether you want to spend more time with your family, cruise around the world, potter in your garden or have a complete sea change, we take the time to sit and talk with you, to listen and fully understand the type of future you envisage and what is important to you.

Our process always starts with a conversation, asking the questions that provide clarity around your current situation and future objectives.  We then do the work to determine:

  • Is your planned retirement affordable and sustainable?
  • Can we reduce the amount of tax you pay (or increase your refunds)?
  • Is there a plan in place to fund any big ticket items or trips?
  • How can we maximise any Centrelink benefits or concessions
  • Are there contingencies for unexpected events, such as health problems ?
  • Is your estate planning in order, ensuring your family is protected and looked after?
  • Is your money working for you and generating enough income to live on?

We then tailor a bespoke financial plan for you, a plan that optimises your existing and future resources, based on your ‘sleep at night factor’ and what you want to achieve.

But we don’t stop there. As your circumstances and government rules change, we continue to ensure your plan still works for you, delivering the best possible outcome for your age and stage of life.

We’re available when you want to talk

Whether your retirement is still a long way off,  just around the corner, or already started, let’s start the conversation now.

Because the earlier you start to plan for the future, the better your chances are of securing the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

We’re available when you want to talk, contact us now.


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